Looper Soundtrack

HÀr Àr det officiella soundtracket frÄn filmen Looper, den kommande tidsrese filmen regisserad av Rian Johnson med Bruce Willis och Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Looper Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Musik av The Newton Brothers

1. A Body That Technically Does Not Exist
2. A Day in the Life
3. Closing Your Loop
4. Seth’s Tale
5. Run
6. A Life in a Day
7. Time Machine
8. Hunting the Past
9. Following the Loop
10. Mining for Memories
11. A New Scar
12. Her Face
13. City Sweep
14. Revelations
15. The Rainmaker
16. La Belle Aurore
17. Showdown
18. The Path Was a Circle
19. Everything Comes Around
Looper SĂ„ng - Looper Musik - Looper Soundtrack - Looper Score

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Looper soundtracket kommer slÀppas September 18, 2012.