Arbitrage Soundtrack

Låtlistan från Arbitrage soundtracket, den kommande drama thrillern skriven och regigsserad av Nicholas Jarecki med Richard Gere, har släppts:

Arbitrage Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Musik av Cliff Martinez.

1. All Business
2. Mistress
3. Slow Mistress
4. It’s Not My Problem
5. Involuntary Manslaughter
6. Just Go Away
7. Dad Are You Listening?
8. This Is Not Going to Go Away
9. Everything OK Sir?
10. I’m Sorry
11. What Would You Have Paid?
12. I Need a Serious Favor
13. He’s Using You
14. This Is Crazy
15. Then I Don’t Make It
16. Last Chance
17. What’s He Offering You Now?
18. Bring a Notary
19. We Will Pick It Up Later
20. After the Accident
21. I See Who You Are – Bjork
22. Laura Palmer’s Prom – You Say Party!
23. Para Machuchar Meu Coração – Stan Getz, Antonio Carlos Jobim & João Gilberto
24. Just One More Chance – Billie Holiday
25. My Foolish Heart – Robi Botos
Arbitrage Sång - Arbitrage Musik - Arbitrage Soundtrack - Arbitrage filmmusik

Soundtracket från Arbitrage kommer släppas den 11e september 2012.